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  1. hey, can i request two or three games?
    1. the first game is (同人ゲーム)[RJ088649][M-LAB.] 拳闘少女有紀
    2. the second is BoxingGirl’s MOBIUS
    3. and the last is Purin-chan’s Boxing Gym 2

    yeah thats all of my request. i am sorry if my request is too much for you. but i will say very big thank you if you can do my request. and also sorry for my very bad english and bad attitude. thank you… 😊

      1. ah, no problem. thanks for your fast response. i will waiting for you if sometime you can find my request.
        and… maybe i can request another stuff in another time?

    1. Hello,
      I want upload to zippyshare or mirroed but they only accept maximum upload to 500MB. It maybe small for upload 🙁 ! so i choose Openload for upload maximum 1GB for free upload 😀

  2. 見知らぬオヤジにイタズラされている娘を見て勃起した父親


  3. Dear,

    Please could you upload this game.

    I’m using the host)

    Title / タイトル: ネトラレたママは好きですか?~教育ママと家庭教師~

    Title / タイトル: ナースの奥さんは好きですか?~世話焼きオバちゃん陥落~

    Title / タイトル: 友達のお母さんは好きですか? ~息子の友人にハマったオバちゃん妻~

    Title / タイトル: 奪母姦

    Title / タイトル: 平凡な奥さんは好きですか?~真面目な主婦をエッチ漬けにしちゃおう!~

    Title / タイトル: 高慢な奥さんは好きですか?~傲慢人妻教師の堕とし方~

    Title / タイトル: 働く奥さんは好きですか?~パートのオバチャンが女になるまで~

    thank you very much

  4. Dear,

    Please could you upload this game.

    I’m using the host)

    Title / タイトル: ディバインハート・マキナ 外伝05〜悪魔の超科学!篇〜
    Title / タイトル: ディバインハート・マキナ 外伝08〜禁断の純愛触手篇〜

  5. Hi,
    i am looking for this old game

    It was uploaded once in AS website but all links are dead.Do you have this game?If you have this game,can you please upload it.I could not even find a torrent link for this game

      1. ah its fine, a user from animesharing had it split into 3 links, but the part 3 was broken and he/she never replied. I thought that this site would find an alternative to get it, thanks anyways 🙂

  6. フィットしちゃお! ~年上女性と 汗だくレッスン初体験~

    カテキョしちゃお! ~ひとつ屋根の下、むひょひょ合宿物語~


    義母の滴 ~湿った肌から香り立つ甘い色香~

  7. Hi!
    Can you upload games to or instead of mediafire? Unlike mediafire these services don’t require to have an account to upload stuff and I heard they’re more tolerant towards uploaders, so you won’t get suspended so easily.

    Also, you can try to protect rar archives by setting a password and encrypting file names inside it. I believe this can make your links last longer on other services as well.

  8. im looking for these ,please help
    Title : プリンセス・オブスィーン ~色欲に墜ちるエルフの姫~
    Title : 絶望拷問室 人魚編
    Title : 丸呑み生物 実験レポート

    1. [171007][青色ハッキョウダイオード] プリンセス・オブスィーン ~色欲に墜ちるエルフの姫~ Ver.1.01 (RJ197342)
      Sorry I can’t find all 🙁

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